around our farm - may 2016

Around Our Farm

This year we’re working more on fixing up the house and some small construction-type projects around and about the farm. We’re trying to take things a bit easier since the addition of the new family member. This month we’re finishing up a bigger project, a gorgeous deer fence.

new deer fencing

In the Garden

Or maybe I should say around the garden? Because building a beautiful deer fence has been our focus so far this year. We’ve taken a step back from growing vegetables and have planted out just some of the basics. Lots of lettuce, a cherry tomato, a slicing tomato, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, corn, watermelon, zucchini, and pumpkins.

The new garden is 45′ x 60′ feet and will have  2′-3′ extra feet around the edge where I’m going to put in a flower bed. Finally, I can plant roses and other flowers on the farm (besides rhodies, foxgloves, irises, and lavender)! This fall we’ll spread cardboard around and then dump lots of compost and good soil on top of the grass to create new beds.

swing set on garden fence

One neat little feature we added was a swing set for Little Miss. She’s been wanting a playset for a while now, but since she really only likes the swings we figured we’d skip the slide for now.

In the House

We didn’t start on any projects in the house in May. Pretty soon (I’m hoping in June) we’ll be adding some shelves in the bathroom and putting in a built-in bench and shelving into our entryway for better storage. I’d like to paint both rooms before we start projects in them.

crocheted blanket

In the Crafting Room

I’ve been working through a bunch of yarn that we no longer sell in our business. So far I’ve knit 2 heavy blankets on size US 50 needles and have used nearly 60 balls of yarn. Sadly, I still have a bunch of yarn to work through and I’m getting really tired of this yarn. In an effort to (possibly) work through it faster, I switched over to a U sized crochet hook and am now crocheting a giant round “rug”. It’ll likely get felted down into a smaller rug when I’m done.

I also knit a new hat for the Little Mr. His head just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Funny how kids do that.

english orpington chicks

In the Barns and Pastures

Right now all of our alpacas are living completely outside while the weather is nice. The pony will be going out to pasture once we add a section of electric wire to the area that he likes to lean on to gossip with the neighbor’s mare. Until then he’s on dry lot where he can’t damage the fences.

The ducks and geese are out on pasture during the day and come into the big covered area off the barn at night. They’re sharing the pasture with our female alpacas and are grazing down the grass around the dung piles where the girls won’t eat.

The chicken flock has slowly been shrinking. I’m down to 7 hens with 8 pullets and a few cockerels growing out. Oh, and there’s a dozen shipped hatching eggs in the incubator right now with an estimated hatch date of June 5th.

What did you do in May?