Hot weather has settled in in the Pacific Northwest. It’s been in the 90’s for far, far too long and we are looking forward to some cooler weather. The animals do not seem to be overly troubled by the heat. In fact, the alpacas are busy working on their tans.

Alpacas Sunbathing

alpacas_sunbathing2The goats, for the most part, prefer the shade. Although what they really prefer is food and scratches. Mostly food though.


The best tree to chew your cud under. Mama Goat has a busy day keeping those 5 wethers in line.


Mischief – Always up to no good. He solemnly swears.

Pete and Repeat

Pete and Repeat – Twinsies! The black goat in the back is Trouble, who isn’t, oddly enough, really any trouble. Unless you’re trying to take a picture. Good luck with that.


Puck – Who is immensely sweet and only a little bit up to no good.

The Red Pearl Lingonberry plants have set a few berries on their first year.

Lingonberry BerriesThe “cactus” has bloomed. The last time it did was sometime in the 80’s. It was worth the wait.

Cactus FlowerAnd one of the Leghorn pullets is very, very close to laying her first egg.

Rosecomb Light Brown Leghorn Pullet