2015_homesteading_goalsJanuary has flown by and February is right around the corner. I’m not quite certain how that happened. Wasn’t it just Christmas last week?

Our goals for 2015 are simple and straightforward. The execution of said goals may not be, which is usually the case.

Garden and Orchard Goals:

  1. Add Conference Pear, Italian Plum, and Hardired Nectarine trees to the orchard.
  2. Plant onions, potatoes, garlic (Fall), corn, peas, green beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, and salad greens. Other things will likely be planted as well. Many plants will be grown from starts rather than seeds this year.

Poultry Goals:

  1. Build chicken coop in the west pasture. Ideal completion date by or before May.
  2. Move adult flock into the new coop and give the old coop to the 2015 chicks until they are large enough to safely integrate with the adults.
  3. Acquire more chickens. The first batch ships out March 16th and the second batch on March 18th.
  4. Cull out excess roosters and any females that won’t suit breeding goals.

General Farm Goals:

  1. Fence west pasture.
  2. Finish painting the house interior.
  3. Finish clearing out blackberry thickets with the assistance of the goats.
  4. Setup rabbit hutch.
  5. Acquire a breeding pair of meat rabbits.
  6. Put a new floor in the hayloft.