We got more goats. Seven more, actually. I guess I can now apply to the crazy goat lady club.

nigerian dwarf goatsThey are all blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf Goats, 5 wethers and 2 doelings. My husband calls them “The Seven Dwarves” and I call them “Chunky Monkeys”, but they do actually have names. Anna is in front with the red collar and the rest (in no particular order) are Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Hans, Olaf, and Marshmallow. Marshmallow is the bravest… and the fattest.

They spent 3 days in a small electrified pen inside of another pen with our existing goats to learn the ropes, aka that the fence “bites”. After that important lesson was learned they were ready for the next step: going out with the alpacas in the big pasture.

It was pretty funny the first time we turned them out with the big goat boys. The big boys stood over their hay pile, huddled together, scared of all of these little bitty goats. Every time one of the little goats would approach the big boys would run off to the next hay pile. It was like a game of musical hay.

Now, of course, the big boys have figured out that the little goats are indeed, little goats, and feel perfectly comfortable headbutting them out of the way.

nigerian dwarf goats

The little goats will continue going out with the alpacas and the big goats until they’ve been tamed enough to catch relatively easily and sort-of walk on a leash. Then they’ll go out to work on the brush. It’s rough life when you have to eat for a living.