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Providing down-to-earth instruction on gardening + animal husbandry and the handmade home.


Returning the neglected traditional breeds of farm poultry back to their former glory through careful selection and breeding. And lots of good cookin’.


Simple tutorials for natural handmade products that bring a touch of rustic luxury to you and your home.

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burnout, creativity, and the challenge of simple

I'm one of those people who want to do everything, right here, right now. It's really hard for me to keep things simple. I want to do all of these things that use my creativity, start them all at once, and then the inevitable happens. Creativity is something to be...
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Around our Farm: September 2016

Our Little Mr. is crawling now. And cruising. And pulling himself up to stand on everything. Pretty much every moment that he's awake is spent with either myself or the Mr. chasing him around the house. Despite our non-existent spare time, we have gotten a few things...
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how to keep your chickens laying all winter long

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your chickens laying eggs all winter long? Well, I've got the answer for you (although you might not like hearing it). Now, you've probably heard all sorts of things you can try like feeding cayenne pepper or providing extra...
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airy + crispy homemade waffles recipe

The first time I had waffles made from scratch I couldn't believe my taste buds. These crispy, airy discs of golden brown perfection could hardly be considered to be the same species as the frozen yellow "waffles" from the store. Give this recipe a try and tell me...
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how to tell the gender of your goose… or gander

It can be a little difficult to tell male and female geese apart. Other than a couple of autosexing breeds, geese have the same plumage colors. Males and females are also similarly sized and have no real obvious distinguishing characteristics like a rooster's sickle...
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the cookies that have (almost) everything

Cookies are sooooo good. And there are so many different kinds that you can make. So why not make one cookie that's a little bit of almost every kind? These cookies have a bit of oatmeal, a bit of coconut, a bit of chocolate and white chocolate chips, and a bit of...
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We’re getting a new look!

Hey all! Katie here. I’m busy behind the scenes updating Make It. Grow It. with a new design so expect some “construction dust” while everything is being worked on.