We work with a select number of Standardbred heritage chickens, ducks, and geese. Alongside our heritage breeds we also maintain a handful of small flocks of unrecognized breeds and/or varieties.

We started Bramblewood Hill several years ago but have only recently taken up the cause of restoring the neglected breeds of poultry who are in dire need of preservation due to the rise of industrial farming. These birds have been forgotten by most and ignored by many in favor of the newest import or modern hybrid.

Our belief is that heritage, Standardbred, fowl are the best birds any farm or homestead can keep if they want natural + healthy production of meat and eggs that they can breed themselves.

We feel that any farm and homestead will be better served by maintaining two flocks of chickens; one for economical egg production + quick meat production and one for brooding + production of heavier birds for roasting.

Standardbred Heritage Poultry & Waterfowl

Speckled Sussex

The Speckled Sussex is considered a dual-purpose breed but should preform better for meat production than egg production. These stunning birds are each unique because of the mottling gene giving them random spots of white. Hens can be excellent broodies.

American Buff Geese

Geese are a traditional farm fowl kept almost entirely for the purpose of meat and feathers. These hardy birds are extremely easy to raise, cheap to feed (80% grass diet), and suitable for most any kind of weather. Geese are seasonal breeders and typically only lay eggs in the spring months.

Silver Appleyard Ducks

Silver Appleyards are considered the best layers of the heavy duck breeds. These stunning birds grow quickly and produce plenty of meat and eggs for the farm table. Duck hens will also go broody and raise their own young.

Other Breeds & Varieties

English Orpingtons (project)

Our English Orpingtons are great big chickens with gentle temperaments. We are working on Blue Laced Red, Blue Mille Fleur, and Blue Mottled Duckwing.

Easter Eggers

Colorful chickens that lay colorful eggs! We are working on several Easter Egger projects including Lavender & Blue Laced Red.

Lemon Pyle Brahmas (project)

We’ll be hatching F1 chicks in Fall 2017.