I must admit that meal planning is not my favorite thing to do. It’s a chore, really. It does make life so much easier though when you aren’t trying to figure out dinner while standing in front of an empty pantry. And, once you’ve done it for a few months you can simply rotate plans with a few modifications for holidays/parties, seasonal items, and new recipes to try.

For my plan I use a simple calendar in Microsoft Word from CalendarLabs. On each day of the month I add a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If there are any holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions I mark those down as they often affect one or more meals.  On the bottom of the calendar I list 4 desserts (one for each week) and various side dishes that match up to the meals. Fruits and veggies are always kept in stock and used for meals and snacks.

Once I have my plan down I add the recipes to a “Meal Plan” board on Pinterest. Some meals are so basic that a recipe is unnecessary and therefore they don’t get pinned. Keep your recipes organized however you like when not being used in the current meal plan. Mine are pretty general, like “Food”. Yep.

You can move the Pins onto a new board by hovering over the Pin,


clicking on the pencil that appears on the upper right side,


and then changing the board to the “Meal Plan” board.


Now your recipes can easily be found when you need them!